Inspire Cheshire joins with Onside

The Inspire team here at Motherwell have got an exciting opportunity to work with Onside to help shape the Crewe Youth Zone project.

OnSide are thrilled to be bringing a new Youth Zone to Crewe, which will launch in 2025. It will open its doors to thousands of young people (age 8 to 19), providing access to a state-of-the-art building filled with arts, sports, wellbeing and social spaces all supported by a team of highly skilled youth workers who truly believe in young people.

As part of this project, Motherwell are recruiting young women to join a research team visiting other Youth Zones around the country. They are looking at breaking down possible barriers for young women so they are able to fully access the Crewe Youth Zone when it is complete. 

The first research trip took place on 26th October when the team visited both Wigan and Warrington Youth Zones. During the trip they saw some amazing facilities and gained a good understanding of which facilities can make young girls and women feel safe, comfortable and included. 

This is an ongoing project with research trips, workshops and group meetings still to come. Keep your eyes peeled for more news on this project, it is going to be an exciting few years! 
For more information email us at or call on 01606 557666.

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