Meet The Team

The Inspire Team

Georgie Kay-Philipps – Inspire Energiser

I’m Georgie and I am the Inspire Energiser for Motherwell Cheshire.
My main passion is creativity, and I love encouraging others to use their own creativity to express themselves and improve wellbeing.  I have my own experience with some of the issues that impact some of the young people in our community, including living with a complex mental health disorder, and being a cared for child and care leaver.
I hope to use my life experience to encourage young women and others in the community to build confidence to speak up about the issues that they face, as well as using their voice to create positive social change.

Abbi Jarvis – Inspire Counsellor

My name is Abbi and I’m one of the counsellors here at Motherwell. My counselling journey began when I sought some support myself. It was through working with my own counsellor that I realised I wanted to pursue this career. As a result, I took night classes in Level 2 and Level 3 Counselling, then went on to do a degree in Person-Centred Counselling through the University of Derby.

When it comes to looking after my wellbeing, I like to tap into my creativity. I like journaling, creative writing and drawing. I also enjoy gaming as a way to de-stress and inspire new creative ideas. One thing that always calms me down is lo-fi music – I recommend Lo-Fi Girl on YouTube/Spotify!

Laurel Griffiths – Inspire Counsellor

Hi my name is Laurel, I am one of the Young Person counsellors here at Motherwell. I have a passion for supporting young people and helping them in finding their voice. When I am not counselling I can be found spending time with my family on adventures, I also love to travel and explore new places.

My counselling journey started when I sought my own support, through this I realised that I would like a career that allows me to support others. I have since completed my degree in Person-Centred Counselling through the University of Derby.

Alison Hodgson – Operations Coordinator

I have spent many years as a counsellor and facilitator. I have been counselling and supporting both young people and adults for the past 15 years. Since 2013 I have reached out to over 10,000 young people & 1,000 adults, per year, with my education programme, running my own charity, supplying both adults & young people with information to make informed choices.

Over the years I have been involved in lots of voluntary work, raising funds and developing within different charities. In February this year I volunteered in The Gambia working in the Women’s Centre and in primary schools.

I am focused on empowerment & passionate about people and their mental health and wellbeing. I have struggled throughout the years with my own mental health issues which started with the loss of my son, Rory, 28 years ago. It has been a journey, a battle, and because of the support, counselling, mentoring and love I received, I have survived. I am extremely proud mum to my daughter, Keziah, who is 24 and an artist and musician living in London.

Winning a couple of awards for my work in the community including Merseyside Woman of the Year 2017,  it was a massive honour & privilege (to be honest, I was gob smacked)  when I was placed on the list of Merseyside’s 100 Inspirational Women on International Woman’s Day 2019 – “Women Who Speak Out”

I am passionate about everything that Motherwell stands for and I am very much looking forward to my role as Project Coordinator for both Inspire and Believe Projects… Thank you!

Kate Blakemore – Founder & Chief Executive

My passion in life is to support and inspire women and girls of all ages throughout the mothering journey. As a trained counsellor who has needed counselling myself in the past, I talk openly about my own struggles having suffered an ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage. In my experience, we have been repeatedly failed by inadequate and disjointed services so my goal is to ensure that the voices of women will finally be heard in the mental health system. Women and girls with complex mental health problems, especially those who have suffered abuse and violence, are in need of specialist support and this cannot be purely clinical. This is why I set up my charity Motherwell which offers community-based projects for vulnerable mothers – giving them access to a support network and bridges the gap in services for women’s wellbeing across Cheshire. My charity is run by women for women and is open to all mothers, whatever their stage in life. I’m a strong believer that information empowers people and I work hard to drive forward change so that our voices are heard.

I am a mum of 3 children 1 daughter and 2 boys, I have been with my partner 23 years. I am passionate about the towns that our charity works in and like to feel that we play a part in the being the heart of the community. 

I love reading, hence my reading section on my website. Since 2018 I have been open water swimming and love it, it has really helped my own mental health. 

My other passion is talking, I love finding out about people, their stories fascinate me, hence my podcast and you tube channel.

I would love to hear from you if you feel we can work together in anyway, please do get in touch.

What I do:

  • Champion women and girls locally, by promotion on my social media platforms and local events 
  • Promote all aspects of mental health that impact women and girls by offering a full range of training
  • Promote equality for women and girls by taking part in local and national groups and blogging about the impact
  • Continue to develop myself to offer a therapeutic safe space for all my clients